since 1966


September 21, 2021

Maple syrup in the veins


It was in 1966, in the Beauce city of St-Victor, that the history of  “Industries Bernard & Fils” began and after more than half a century of existence the company bottles annually nearly 80,000 barrels of maple syrup which are sold in more than 40 countries.

But the Bernard family has been producing maple syrup since the beginning of the 19th century.

Several factors explain the durability of the family business, which is now in its fifth generation: the high level of quality of the services offered to suppliers and buyers, the experience and knowledge of the employees, not to mention the purity of the product harvested from the tree to reach the consumer’s table.



There are more than 11,000 maple syrup producers in Quebec, operating small, medium, and large businesses. In 2020, they collected 175 million pounds of the “sweet nectar” which represents 73% of the world’s production.

Their job is hard work that requires them to deal with situations that are not always easy in the field and in the management of their business.

This is the reason why ” Les Industries Bernard & Fils ” offers them a turnkey service to support them in all phases of their tasks.

The services we provide to maple syrup producers begin with the transportation of their harvest to our state-of-the-art production plant. No matter the number of barrels, we will provide transportation upon purchase. We are available to ALL maple syrup producers regardless of the size of their business.

Furthermore, we can lend barrels, AT NO CHARGE, to maple syrup producers who do not have enough or any barrels to transport their product.

In addition, the grading of maple syrup can be a long and tedious process for maple syrup producers who would like to receive the revenues from the sale of their product as soon as possible.

This is another element of our turnkey service that is greatly appreciated.

Since « Les Industries Bernard & Fils » is an authorized buyer, we can offer a quick classification.

But we don’t stop there!

We also provide our maple syrup producer clients with technical assistance in all aspects of their business, including production methods and the drafting of certification documents.

It goes without saying that we always remain attentive to our customers beyond the turnkey service.

We provide follow-up, at the client’s request, for all stages of their tasks. We will also communicate with our maple syrup producers for any priority element they may have missed regarding quality management and certification.

This close relationship means that over the months and years, they become more like friends than suppliers. Their loyalty to our company is also due to the experience and knowledge of our employees.



We are very proud to see the popularity of our products in Quebec. This recognition reflects on all our employees but also on the maple syrup producers who supply us with the raw material we work with.

But Quebec is not the only place in the world where our products are appreciated.

The list of buying countries stands at over 40!

Canada and the United States are at the top of the list of our customers. They are followed by three countries, almost equally: England, Australia, and Japan.

And the list is growing. For the past year, it has included Qatar, Argentina, Kenya, and soon Singapore will be added.

The exoticism of a product like ours is not the only reason for its popularity in all these countries.

The quality of any product will certainly allow it to break through on the world stage and we are confident that our success stems from this reality.

However, there are other reasons for our success.

The quality and confidence in the availability of our product as well as our after-sales service also explain the loyalty of our customers, here in Quebec and around the world.



During the 55 years of our company’s existence, we have been able to rely on the support of our employees.

We have a team that has the same goals of product quality and customer service. Our dedicated employees have many years of experience and are committed to the success of the business.

Their contribution is essential, and we consider them as part of our corporate family.

Their knowledge and experience, in their respective fields, allow us to maintain a high standard of quality in all departments.

An achievement of which our Bernard ancestors would be very proud.

Martin Bernard
Sales manager
Les Industries Bernard & Fils

Natural purity


In order to meet growing customer demand, all of our large variety of syrups are available in an organic version. Being certified by Écocert Canada, our syrups will satisfy you with their natural purity.

Natural purity


The Bernard family has been making syrups for over 200 years. All our products are processed in our state of the art processing plant under the supervision of 5th generation Bernard Master Sugar Makers.